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1st Biennial International Congress on Urban Green Spaces CUGS 2012

CUGS2012 took a critical look at the interface between urban human habitation and urban green spaces to build upon our understanding of the elements of urban green spaces and their interconnectedness with quality of life in our fast expanding cities. The Congress dealt with physical, spatial, economics, environmental, aesthetic, and other characteristics of urban green spaces under the following sub-themes:

Urban Green Spaces : Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Use Optimisation
Urban Green Spaces : Biodiversity, Livelihoods, Economics and Valuation
Urban Green Spaces : Water Conservation and Pollution Control
Urban Green Spaces : Civil Society Engagement and Educational Linkages
Urban Green Spaces : Management Practices and Technology
Urban Green Spaces : Policy, Planning, Finance and Governance

CUGS2012 was of special interest to Urban planners and managers, policy makers, urban foresters, academics, NGOs and members of the civil society interested in urban greening activities. This included professionals from multilateral and bilateral agencies, officials from government agencies at central, provincial and municipal levels responsible for urban planning and management, non governmental organizations, universities and corporate sector.

CUGS2012 also had, as participants, students pursuing professional programs in the areas like urban planning, environmental science, forestry, floriculture, architecture and other relevant academic by way of poster session during the congress.

CUGS2012 also provided an opportunity to private\public sector organizations involved in providing equipment and service relevant to management of urban green spaces to showcase their institutional strengths by way of participating in the CUGS exhibition during the course of the congress.

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