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International Congress on Green Urban Futures

Urbanization is progressing at an unprecedented and rapid rate in Asia. A demographic switch from a predominantly rural to a predominantly urban society is taking place. UN (1991) figures indicate that in 1990 only 37% of the total population of developing countries was urbanized. It is predicted that by the year 2025 the proportion will be 61%. Already rapid and More  
National Urban Green Spaces Fellowship Program

With the objective of providing Master/ Doctoral level students an opportunity to undertake focused studies on specific aspects of urban green spaces, in all their dimensions, CUGS has constituted the National Urban Green Spaces Internship Program (NUGSFP) More
National Award for Innovation in Urban Green Spaces

The CUGS-AMDA National Award for innovation Urban Green Space highlights and promotes vibrant, functional, urban green spaces by recognizing and rewarding outstanding examples of public green spaces that have improved lives and life styles of communities that surround them, and beyond. More

Urban ReLEAF

Program of CUGS creates volunteering opportunities for citizens, young and old alike, to contribute to the cause of urban regreening. Urban ReLEAF also provides technical assistance to urban commmunity organisations for assessing and enhancing the effectiveness of Urban Green Spaces in their areas. Urban ReLEAF professionals More

Launched on April 1st 2013, a quarterly News Magazine focussing on issues and events linked to Urban Green Spaces in India and the Asia Pacific region. For contributuing articles/other material and subscription enquiries, please write to
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You can join the mission to make our cities more liveable by signing up as member of CUGS. Members of CUGS are individuals and institutions who are interested in advancing a better appreciation of urban green spaces in the context of sustainability (and livability) of urban habitats, in all its dimensions. More